[News] Rainbow Go On A Date With The Armed Forces Celebrating Their 62nd Anniversary!

On the 62nd anniversary of "Armed Forces Day", the 7 member girl group along with the actors who are now doing military service, Lee Jin Wook and Wenzhou Wan held a special meeting of celebration together!

On behalf of the actors' agencies, the soldiers got time off to have a date with the cute girls of Rainbow. At first they were a little nervous and awkward. Jin and Wenzhou Wan bouncing of the Rainbow members youthful appearance then got comfortable around them while in a pleasant atmosphere. Thanks to the members, they were able to finish the date.

The members' family now know a lot more than they had thought about what the military soldiers do as well as their efforts and so the members had thanked them with their hearts. The interview lasted around 2 hours and the girls even had a chance to entertain the rest of the troops with their presence. This date must have meant a lot to the troops!

translations: nisaxo @gokpop.com