[News] Rain has showed that he'll firmly countercharge 'Andrew Kim' with slander

- In an article relating to Rain's lawsuit -

One of Rain's acquaintances who has spent so much time with Rain, expressed, "I knew beforehand that 'Andrew Kim' brought such a suit against Rain. It’s surprising that 'Andrew Kim' argues very plausibly that the claims are true, but that's completely untrue. Too bad.."

He explained why 'Andrew Kim' goes out of the way in the lawsuit, "'Andrew Kim' has sued against Rain to turn the lawsuit to his advantage, blaming Rain for the cancelation of LA concert due to 'Andrew Kim's incompetence." And he emphasized, "That is fraudulent under the pretext of lawsuit."

credit to New Daily http://www.newdaily.co.kr/news/article.html?no=59191

Brief translation by rain bird.
from rainlegend