[News] Rain brightens the stage of the 7th Asia Song Festival

Singer Rain brightened the stage of the 7th Asia Song Festival.

Rain showed off his own commanding position as the world star, hitting the stage of the 7th Asia Song Festival that was held in Seoul's Jamshil Main Stadium, on the afternoon of the 23rd, at 6:10pm.

More than 40,000 audiences from throughout Asia were very excited immediately when he came on stage.

In this show, he captured the fans with his own powerful stage presence, singing Rainism, Love Song, and Hip Song. He greeted the cheering fans by saying, "I'm delighted to see you after such a long time through this stage."

Meanwhile, 12 teams made up of each top singer from 6 Asian countries such as Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, etc. attended the show and heated up the stage.

credit to Star News http://news.nate.com/view/20101023n09244?mid=e0101

Brief translation by rain bird.