[News] Pandemonium strikes at KPop Night 2010 – about SNSD, SHINee and many more!

Seven Korean acts bedazzled our sunny little isle with a repertoire of song and dance at the one-night only Korean Pop Night 2010

Scream your hearts out ladies and gentlemen, K-Pop fever’s taking over Singapore!

Titillating slender legs, slick sharp dance moves, catchy rap verses, and rousing music sets were all order of the night at one of the biggest Korean-centric concert held in Singapore last night.

The Singapore Expo Hall 2 was momentarily transformed into a colourful sea of screaming fans decked out in official fanclub colours such as pink, yellow, blue-green, and white. Primadonnas (fans of F.T. Island) waved their little treasure island flags with much pride and enthusiasm, VIPs (fans of Big Bang) toted little yellow crowns on their head, SONEs (fans of Girls’ Generation) lighted up the arena with their glowing pink sabers, and Shawols (fans of SHINee) turned up full-force with their devilish horns.

To get all 8,000 concertgoers’ adrenalin pumping and fans grooving on their feet, Korean rock quintet F.T. Island were the first group to go on stage as they stirred up the crowd with heart-thumping number after number. Though the group got off to a rough start – no thanks to the wonky sound system at the Expo Halls – they played their hearts out and pulled off an almost flawless performance.

D-NA and ZE:A were the next groups to go on stage following F.T. Island’s set. The young’uns blew air kisses and interacted with fans, sharing that that are “happy to be here” in this “beautiful city”. Infinite then took the stage and wowed all present with their uniform and slick footwork for their hit song ‘Come Back Again’.

The crowd grew rowdier when SHINee took over the stage with their addictive tune, ‘Replay’, as fans at the seating area rushed out to catch a clearer glimpse of their idols. A five-member group, only four (Onew, Key, Taemin, and Minho) were present last night as Jonghyun was back in Korea nursing a leg injury. Despite lacking in full-strength, they impressed all the same, driving fans wild with their hypnotic dance tunes like ‘Lucifer’ and ‘Ring Ding Dong’.

Following SHINee, Korea’s most popular girl group, Girls’ Generation upped the ante with their sexy dance moves, pretty pins and alluring marine outfits. The nine girls drove both male and female fans wild and entranced all with their captivating ‘Genie’, and the catchy rhythms of ‘Oh!’.

Saving the best for last, all hell broke loose when Big Bang took over the stage with their Japanese number ‘Gara Gara Go’. The five-member group clearly garnered the biggest shrills and screams from the crowd as many sitting members clamoured to get on their feet and chairs, rocking to their raps and catchy hip-hop tunes in unison.

The concert concluded on a rip-roaring note with all seven groups gathered on the stage’s runway platform for its finale performance. It was a particularly poignant moment for many who would have never thought they would be able to catch their idols in person.

Music transcends boundaries and that was aptly displayed in last night’s gig. You don’t have to know the lyrics to the song to sway to its melody, nor understand the language to feel the performers’ passion and dedication.

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Reported by: Lim Wen Ying, Joanna Goh, Esther Cheng & Loh Chuan Junn
Text: Joanna Goh
Photos: Benson Lim
Video: Fiona Lin & Tay Yixuan

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