[News] Nicole in the cover of Kara's Japanese single 'Jumping', "How's my revealed forehead?"

Kara revealed the covers of their 2nd Japanese single 'Jumping'.

Kara, who's swept through the Oricon chart and is leading the the Hallyu girl group craze in Japan, revealed the covers of their 2nd single 'Jumping' on 13.

Done in 3 different versions in differing outfits and themes, they all give off their chic and strongly feminine charm; they all feel more feminine and sexier compared to the covers of their debut single in Aug.

Also, their stark changes in their styling are fluttering the fans: Gyuri in blonde, Hara with partly bouffant hair, and Nicole without the bang.

In particular, it's the first time Nicole has appeared in the cover with her forehead revealed, who's been always saying that her forehead is her inferiority.

Netizens are tremendously affirmative of the new looks; they are saying things like "the theme this time is the best ever", "Kara will surely conquer the Oricon chart again", "it's too pretty a forehead for an inferiority", and "please show your forehead more often".

translated by LVALUE@KH
source: TVDaily