[News] More than 100 Japanese women fans gather to see Rain shooting 'The Fugitive Plan B'

More than 100 Japanese women fans gathered to see Hanryu star Rain shooting KBS 2TV's new drama 'The Fugitive Plan B'.

According to the drama production on the 17th, more than 100 Japanese women fans came to the drama set in Kyungkido's Pajoo in the early morning on the 16th of October. On the day, the shooting of car chasing action sequences between 'Ji Woo' (Rain) and 3 polices were done.

The production expressed, "Japanese fans have visited Korea to see Rain shooting the drama. Modu Tour, a tour agency, has arranged a tour package to give his fans a good chance for them to see Rain through the set. The tour agency has received more applications than expected, so each itinerary has been made out and these visitors have opened the tour package."

According to the production, one woman fan from Osaka was quoted as saying. "It was very nice to see Rain's realistic actions. I was worried Rain would be wounded because there were a lot of scenes of fierce fighting during the shooting."

Actually, Rain fell out of the roof of a car during a confrontation he had with his opponent martial arts actor. Then, staffs with the main martial arts director, 'Park Joo Chun', immediately ran towards him and looked at his condition and found that he sustained only a minor injury, so they were able to reopen the shooting.

But, that elicited exclamations from the audience while groans 'Ah' were heard everywhere.

With the appearance that is worthy of the name 'World Star', Rain turned remained time to politely greet his Japanese fans who showed interest in his every movement.

credit to Money Today http://news.nate.com/view/20101017n06760?mid=e0101

Brief translation by rain bird.
credits: rainlegend