[News] MBLAQ, Winning Speech at the Entertainment Artist of Republic of Korea

The 17th "Entertainment Artist of Republic of Korea" award ceremony took place at the Sungnam Art Center's Opera House in the city of Sungnam in Kyung Ki do, 5PM on October 23rd. 

On this day's event, Keum Sa Hyang received the grand prize, who sang 'Soldier's Letter' and 'The Wire Where You Are' for the 60th anniversary of the 6.25 [June 25th marked the beginning of the Korean War; Korean people regard '6.25' as the name of the war].

Special Distinguished award went to Bae Il Jip; Advancing Entertainment Artist award went to No Sa Yeon, Shin Hyo Bum, and Yoo Yang Soo; Advancing Entertainment Artist Distinguished award (voted by the previous grand prize winners) went to Park Seung Ho, Moon Dong Shin, Jo Byung Don, and Nam Il Hye; Role Model Artist award went to Yeon Kyu Jin (voted by the city of Sungnam); New Artist award went to f(x); Group Artist award went to MBLAQ and Sistar; R&B Artist award went to Wheesung and Gavy NJ. 

※Other contents of the article not translated due to irrevelancy.

※Acceptance speech will be follow

SOURCE: Newsen
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