[News] Lee Jung Jin cooked ramen in a coffee pot for Rain& Daniel

Men should be able to cook Ramen

Lee Je Woon | I thought he was a tough man for me to interview, because he is one of the hottest stars recently with the TV variety program, the drama Fugitives and the cinema Trouble Shooter. Lee Jung Jin may be said to enjoy his second primetime since his debut. I thought he wouldn’t be so frank even in a private meeting. But the real Lee Jung Jin I met was like a neibouring oppa. He was drinking soju spirit feeling Pusan night breeze. While drinking, he watched Fugitives through DMB and told me a behind story about it saying, “Oh, this is a really interesting scene!” Also he enjoyed tasting laver-wrapped sashimi and kimchee. ‘This is a perfect trio dish!’

I miss my home.”

He was eating and drinking at table full served so-called like the table legs are almost broken. “Pusan food is delicious! We can’t work if we don’t eat enough food.” That day Lee Jung Jin said that he really missed his home while eating. “I really liked staying away home before. I don’t need to make bed or to prepare for dining. But these days I think differently. I’ve been away home long, so I feel my home is the best now.” Since the overseas shooting at the World Cup in June, he has lived in foreign countries for almost 4 months. He has been to Japan, Macau and Philippine several times these days, and a lot of delicious exotic foods were gradually changed into a level of tortures for him. When he came to be tired of staying away home, he began to take a portable gas burner ‘Blue Star’, ramen and canned ham in a box which had contained Philippine mangos before with him. “At first I was caught at the airport. They suspected me because I had a strange jingling box with me. They burst into laughter when they found Blue Star in the box. What should I do when I’m hungry? I should take care of myself, shouldn’t I?”

How I cooked ramen in a coffee pot for Rain

Of course it wasn’t difficult for him to cook ramen by himself. Lee Jung Jin is very good at cooking ramen. He became talkative speaking of ramen. “You know it’s important to measure correct quantity of water to cook good ramen. I can do it without opening my eyes. It’s also important to know when we should put ham and soup powder in the pan. ” The world stars, Rain and Daniel Henney often came to LJJ’s and asked him to cook ramen when they got hungry. Later he came to know how to cook ramen in a coffee pot. “Some say that eating coffee pot-ramen is easy but washing is hard. There is a certain way. After washing away soup and the rest, you put water and a few drops of cleanser in the pot and heat again. There remains an odor of ramen still. Lastly, you should heat the pot with full of water and jasmine or green tea leaf together. There’s no odor remain.” Sure he has knowhow of housewife lifestyle. Lee Jung Jin said that he ate three or four bags of ramen a day during Runaway shooting. “The Ramen made me powerful enough to run and run all the day. Do I look like doing ramen CM?” he laughed.

Everyone asked me how I could spare time to come here

Surely I’ve been busy these days. People often suspect if I can continue the TV program Men’s Qualifying. I love this program. Though I passed the shooting of a couple of episodes only, people doubted me and I feel offended.” He told me that here in PIFF everyone would ask him why he can come. In November the new film No Use Crying Over Spilt Milk with Kim Tae Woo will be released. He played a role of the kidnaper suspect who is na├»ve after a role of the vicious policeman in Trouble Shooter.

I said to him, “Do you enjoy your second primetime, don’t you?” Then he answered “Well…” emptying his glass, “sure I realize they love me when I see some favorable articles to me on twitters and Internet boards. Once a certain woman wrote: Lee Jung Jin, you catch Rain please. I will catch you Lee Jung Jin! I’m very pleased with it. (Laughter)”

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