[News] Kim Heechul with SMent President "I'm the Star of the Universe, Lee Soo Man is the Teacher of the Universe"

Super Junior member Kim Heechul disclosed a photo taken together with SM Entertainment’s president, Lee Soo Man-nim.

Kim Heechul's photo was tagged under the theme of SM King, and he stated the content below "Lee Soo Man was the one who made it possible for me to be reborn. (I'm) thankful to him for his trust in me all this while, (and) for always thinking for my sake, really thankful!”
Kim Heechul had self-claimed himself as "The Star of the Universe", therefore he gave Lee Soo Man a nickname as well, "The Teacher of the Universe", which attracted laughter.

Fans left responses after viewing the photo, "Both of them looked like they have a good relationship with each other in the photo." "The good genes of the teacher of universe passed down to the star of universe." "They're just like father and son." etc.

Source: newsen.com

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