[News] Kim Heechul, Kim Sae Rom, who's prettier?

The group photo of SJ Kim Heechul and Kim Sae Rom became a topic.

On the 15th, Kim Heechul uploaded a photo of him together with Kim Sae Rom on his twitter. The photo which was taken at the backstage after the ending of Super Junior's concert, was named by Heechul as "With Kim Sae Rom after the concert~".

In the photo, the glamorous Kim Heechul who has yet to remove his make-up due to the concert performances, and together with the usual Kim Sae Rom who had a pair of sunglasses on, created a topic among the netizens.

Many fans expressed "As compared to a woman Kim Sae Rom, Kim Heechul is really prettier." "The eye make-up really suits him." "Kim Heechul indeed, with looks prettier than of women.” giving generous praises to Kim Heechul.

Source: news.nate.com

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