[News] Kim Heechul, first place worldwide on Twitter's popular searches, worthy of the title "Universal Star"

this is the news Heechul tweeted earlier ^^

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul has occupied the first place worldwide in terms of searches on the Twitter site. Currently, when taking a look at the main page of the Twitter search box (http://search.twitter.com/), you’ll be able to see Kim Heechul’s name which is written in English directly beneath the search bar.

Since the search results are based on the frequency of searches done, which means that Twitter users around the world are searching up Kim Heechul’s name often.

Heechul’s name is not the only one being popularly search on Twitter; there are also the names of his pet cats Baengshin and Heebum. The steamed bun which Heechul perceives as his personal portrait also received plenty of attention, as the phrase ‘Steamed Bun’ which is the English representation of 찐빵 (jjinbbang) also made its way up to the list of popular searches.

Heechul’s immense popularity also led the foreign media to race each other in reporting the news. The Huffington Post introduced Heechul as the “South Korea’s Justin Bieber”, and expressed their amazement about Heechul’s popularity.

Considering that there are lots of Heechul’s fans who are spread across China, where they are not able to use Twitter, Heechul’s immense popularity really cannot be underestimated.
On the other hand, up until the 12th (of October), Heechul’s follower count on Twitter stands at 245,299 people.

Heechul probably took in the fact that a vast majority of his followers are made up of overseas fans, hence why he has been updating in English recently.

Source: Newsen
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