[News] Kim Dongjoon on KBS Dream Team, boasts about his 'supreme gene'

KBS Dream Team has come to the digital city of Gumi to hold match against the strongest Gumi United Team.

In this episode of KBS Dream Team, the parents of ZE:A Kim Dongjoon came hastily all the way from Busan to support him. Last Chuseok, Dongjoon didn't have the chance to meet up with his parents as ZE:A was doing promotions activities in Japan.

Dongjoon's parents told their ever so 'mischievous' son to work hard as a singer. His parents also don't really think much of the praises their son has been getting. Ever since Dongjoon debuted, he has been talked about his 'beautiful' face resembling that of actress Han Ga-in. Dongjoon drew attention of the crowds with faces resembling her mother and that of a 'pung-eo ppang'(?) and boasted about his 'superior gene'.

The episode will be broadcasted on 10 October 2010

*this is pung-eo ppang user posted image

Source: newsen.com
Translation & Edit: crimson_sky@empirechildren