[News] Kikwang's thoughts on Beast VS Mblaq

BEAST Lee Kikwang received an acknowledgment as a mature person. At the 2NE1 corner, which was broadcast at 28th at KBS 2TV ‘Win Win’, MBLAQ Thunder, younger brother of Sandara Park, made an appearance as a secret guest.

Duet to his appearances, ‘Win Win’ MCs mentioned about the rival line between the BEAST and MBLAQ as saying “At the waiting room before recording, MC Lee Kikwang really got nervous because of Thunder.”.

MC Kim Seungwoo asked “Do you think that MBLAQ is better or BEAST is better?”. To this question, Lee Kikwang answered as “I think that MBLAQ is better.” without any hesitation, which received an attention.

In a respond to this answe, MCs Kimg Sungsoo and Jung Jaeyong humored by saying “You have a right as an MC now. Lee Kikwang is mature.”. The reason is that Lee Kikwang answered for a consideration toward Thunder, who appeared as a guest to the program that he does an MC, rather than mentioning about the idol groups’ fierce rivary.

Jung Jaeyong patted Lee Kikwang’s back as he said “Our horse poop has grown.”, which created a laughter. ‘Horse poop’ is a nickname which ‘Win Win’ MCs gave to the youngest Lee Kikwang after Sandara Park mentioned that she calls her youngest brother Thunder as a ‘dog poop’.

At ‘Win Win’, Thunder revealed a part of himself, such as talking to Sandara Park in Busan dialect, and good skill of talking.

Source:Review Star, mybeastlyboys
Translated and reupload by seunghoeyecandy@ mblaqattack.com