[News] Jay to get his own variety show this month

He is returning not as a singer, but as Jaebum.

He wasn't hardcore from the start. He was a calm student that didn't want to stay apart from his family and his friends. Having randomly fallen in love with the joy of dancing, he coincidentally passed an audition and received a love call from his former agency. Giving up his life to walk down the path of an opaque life as a trainee couldn't have been easy. Day after day for him from that decision on was harder than he could have ever imagined.

Soon, he developed a habit of cringing his face whenever he was concentrating on what someone was saying because he had difficulty understanding. He says that there were plenty of instances where a false fact was put on air because of his misunderstandings. Still, he's never once cut someone off and asked them to repeat it and gave more laughter than anyone that understands Korean better.

In order to overcome his difficult times, he turned to exercising and earned muscles. Jaebum doesn't even know how to drink, cringing and stating that he could never understand why people drank after taking a sip at a company outing.

When asked what he wanted to do in Korea, he replied with nothing. He said that he could watch movies anywhere and never feels the need to shop. The only thing he wants to do are events for his fans. If he could, he would call all of them and give them free hugs and succeed for the fans that have waited for him. The people around him often say that he has no interest in anything besides dancing and singing.

This Jaebum we all know is returning in October. With a bit of a simple reality program. With a bit of a difference from his former image. He may not even be able to answer some of the questions that people are curious of. Maybe he will look awkward and shy since he's alone now. However, he will express his story with his entire body by showing off his earnest dance moves. With the constant change in temperature fluctuating from hot to cold, an awkward shell might enclose him. But we only believe it's because of the appropriate climate changes that has allowed him to ripen. Having passed two seasons now, he is concentrating on his own dream. We might be able to find out a little more about this 24 year old young man.

- Lee Yoon Hwa, MBC every1 PD -

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