[NEWS] Infinite Sungjong gets first kiss taken by Hwangbo

Infinite's Sungjong has his first kiss taken by senior singer Hwangbo.

On 'Children's of the midnight' Infinite's maknae Sungjong and Hwangbo was playing a eating a stick snack game and their lips touched.

Before starting the game Sungjong led Hwangbo and said "You will be fine. Think comfortably" as Hwangbo showed a non-confident side before starting the game.

Eun Jiwon who was watching Hwangbo and SungJong play the game got his mischievious side on and pushed Hwangbo's back which led to their lips touching. The guests on the show who saw this teased the two by saying "Sunjong's first is Hwangbo".

As soon as Sungjong said "This is my first experience. It feels like my virginity has been taken" Hwangbo said "Do i have to take responsibility?" Sorry, it isnt my first time" which made everyone on set laugh.

This show will air on the 21st