[News] Hyuna and Kim Tae Woo comes back to Invincible Youth

I bet a lot of us were wishing to have our Maknae PD return on Invincible Youth. Well, I guess, our wishes has not come into waste - though not fully! 

It has already been announced that 4Minute's HyunA and Kim TaeWoo will be visiting the popular variety show: "Invincible Youth" for the celebration of it's 1 year anniversary. It's not new to us that HyunA left the show together with SNSD members: Sunny and Yuri for their preparation for entering the Japanese market. It's undeniable that Invincible Youth has become one of the best means that made HyunA become more popularly known. Through this show, she was able to express her cute and funny side, which was far way different from her charismatic and fierce personality when she performs on stage. She also had a great opportunity to make friends with other idols through this show.

Meanwhile, SNSD's Yuri and Sunny are also being invited by the staff to visit on the show too on the very same day of TaeWoo and HyunA's visit. The show's PD thinks that having all the previous members of the show joining the new ones will be making their first year anniversary more memorable.

Let us all standby for that special day!

cr: Nate