[News] How did G.NA feel about Singapore?

After her first fan meeting session in Singapore, what are some thoughts about Singapore? & How is she now? These might be some of the questions you are wondering about. Now wonder no more, recently she left a comment on her fan cafe, keep her fans updated about her current condition and some thoughts of what impression Singapore fans left her.

As it might be kind of hard to read from the image, i typed it out for all of you. (:
& Being really thoughtful, she even typed her thoughts in 2 languages, both Korean and English so both local and international fans will understand what she's saying.

"WOW, my visit to Singapore was AMAZING..sooo incredible..can't even describe it in words.
Everything felt so unreal...thanks for my first Singapore trip an amazing one.. =) hopefully it will not be my last..
you guys showed me so much love and support it really made me feel so ALIVE again.. with so much passion!

Hopefully i will see you guys again sometime soon!! Please invite me again..<3 i cried on stage because i was so incredibly touched by you guys.. just knowin that u guys were all there for me,, thank you so much.. sooo much..

i love you guys so much! hopefully u guys feel the same! i will see you guys again asap! i'm actually quite sick right now since i got back form singapore.. i went to the hospital today to get checked up, and well.. it's the cold they say.. haha i think its because of the weather change and whatnot. s it's all good! i got some medication so i will feel beter soon!! i feel great anyways!!<3

im gonna go an get some sleep now.. i miss u guys already. thanks so much.. so much! MUAH! thank you & love you!"