[News] HaHa Volunteered to be Dalmatian's Manager

Singer and broadcaster HaHa (real name Hahn Dong Hyun) has taken action as the manger of MC Mong's Dalmatian.

During the most recent recording of Mnet's 'Dalmatian Manager Goes on Strike', which is scheduled air on 09/21, HaHa, a friend and long acquaintance to Dalmatian members, has volunteered to be their manager for their impromptu concert.

On this day, the Dalmatian members who ended up suddenly having to prepare for a concert in Seoul YeongDeungPo TimeSqaure, experienced the steep the wall of difficulties that come with PR, starting with acquiring a venue.

In efforts to help Dalmatian, MC Mong's best friends HaHa and JangGeun, personally beseeched Time Square's Venue Manager and even ran from place to place passing out promotional flyers, bringing favorable PR to Dalmatian and showing their support for them.

It seems that HaHa, in particular, even devoted himself to that day's Concert's event, by showing his enthusiasm through dancing and singing, in order to boost the atmosphere.

On another note, Dalmatian members showcased their chocolate abs during this concert, revealing an image that appeals to many girls. In addition to this, HaHa's surprising pro-wrestling skills and JangGeun's speaking abilities which have remained hidden until now will most likely be showcased as well. 9/21 7:00PM Broadcast.

GoKyungMin goginim@newsen.com