[News] "The Fugitive Plan B" set in Publishing Complex

Arriving at work this morning, I saw 'The Fugitive Plan B' being filmed in front of our office in Publishing Complex. They are still shooting it..World star Rain is there. They asked us not to take pictures, so I sneaked shots in our office.~

In the pictures, Rain is the one in the white tank top..You can't see well?

Isn't it amazing that in the last shot, a mass of Rain's middle aged Japanese women fans are there to see him?

It's really amazing to me that they have come from a distant place such as Japan to only see Rain shooting the drama.~

While there have been so many retakes, I think he does not feel very cold even if he may have to wear a tank top the whole time he is there, because the weather is warm for the time of year.~

Ah~ I can't seem to get anything done? ㅎㅎㅎ

Picture from//B4 @ DC

Cont from : http://blog.naver.com/kdejlove/80117112479 (more pictures)

Brief transaltion by rain bird.
credits: rainlegend