[news] Code-V gains a new member Rui and is preparing to make a comeback soon

Code-V recently made a comeback this year with a new album, Code-V has been formerly known as Bless which originally debuted in 2007 with 4 members, by 2008 they made a comeback with 5 members with new member JaeWon.

Back in August leader Taemin left the group because he went and served his military duties. Now, It has been confirmed that Code-V has a new member named Seo Minho and his stage name is Rui, according to Jaewon, Rui has impressive vocal skills.

Although there's still no date for their comeback, it is known that Code-V are practicing hard for their upcoming comeback.

If you havent heard about code-v check out their music video "Poisoning" which was from their new mini album which was released back in June.

Source: Addiction Forum
Credits: Blueprincess824 @ dkpopnews.net