[News] CNBLUE And Kara, Reaching New Heights On The Oricon Charts

Being a k-pop star isn't only about dominating Korea's music charts anymore. Many idol groups are eyeing out foreign markets with one of the most appealing targets being the neighboring country, Japan. Just weeks or months ago, girl idol groups were entering the Japanese music market, and breaking records by making it into the top ten. As if that wasn't an achievement in and of itself, a Korean group has now officially snatched away the coveted number one slot.

After releasing their second single, "I Don't Know Why" in Japan on September 16th, CNBLUE saw their song climb to number on on the Oricon weekly Indies Singles Chart on September 27th. Their first single, "The Way", released last June also is faring well, holding down the seventh spot. For those unfamiliar with The Oricon Charts, they are equivalent to The Billboards in the U.S. The group's success isn't surprising seeing as how "I Don't Know Why" had a strong start from the get-go. The track reached eighth -- not on the Indies Singles Chart, but the overall charts -- on the very day that it was released.

It then inched one up to be at seventh place during the week of the 18th before reaching number one the following week.
CNBLUE also came out as the winning choice on a special k-pop survey conducted by the Japanese search portal site, www.biglobe.ne.jp. They were picked as the group that people would most love to see debut in Japan.?The popular band will be holding their first official fan club event, "Welcome to BOICE JAPAN", on October 28th at the Tokyo International Forum Hall. It's not just CNBLUE repping Korea well in Japan.

has also reached an incredible feat; hitting number two on the Oricon Best Album Charts. After debuting in the foreign country in August, their debut single "Mister" reached fifth on the Oricon Weekly Charts, marking them as the first foreign Asian girl group to enter into the top ten. Also, 18,223 copies of their compilation album, "Kara BEST 2007-2010", were sold on the very first day of sales. That was a big enough figure to place them at number two on the daily Oricon Album Sales Charts. They were only behind one of the top singers in Japan, JUJU, who sold 19,974 copies of her album "Request". This is the best a Korean girl group has ever done in Japan.

source: http://english.kbs.co.kr/