[News] Beige, comeback in with a duet together with Ryeowook.. A kiss performance expected?

On the 22th broadcast of KBS2 TV , singer Beige, together with Super Junior's Ryeowook, presented her comeback stage.

Earlier on, Beige had a backhand kiss with M to M's Cheung Hwan in MBC while performing "When Falling In Love With A Friend", attracting attention.

In , the sudden movement by Ryeowook which made Beige felt absurd will be revealed during the adorable interview of the both of them.

The program will be broadcasted on the 22th 12:35am.

PS: Songs sang included "When Falling In Love With A Friend" and "Insomnia (remix)"

Source: newsen.com

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Want to know what Ryeowook did? Watch here
I capped some of it for spoiler. Watch the rest, and you'll know.. ^^