[News] BEAST Lee Kikwang, "The truth about Tak Jaehoon's drinking party..."

BEAST Lee Kikwang displayed his close friendship with Tak Jaehoon.

Recently, Lee Kikwang is receiving explosive popularity through recent MBC 'Sunday Sunday Night' corner 'Hot Brothers'. Especially because the brothers framed him by saying "He drank with Tak Jaehoon" and "He's in the Tak line now" which caused a lot of laughter. In addition, Lee Kikwang stated "Jaehoon hyung called me and invited me to a drinking party. I don't like alcohol so I didn't drink but it was a fun event. Jaehoon hyung really takes care of the smallest details as he gives me good advice not only about filming and programs but also other aspects so that is why I respect and like him a lot". A close associate even stated "Not only Kikwang but all the BEAST members don't like to drink. When they are given free time, they either stay at home and play games, go to the PC room, or play soccer with each other. I have never even seen the members drink with each other. Especially because Kikwang exercises very intensely, he doesn't drink".

Lee Kikwang said "Not only Jaehoon hyung, but all the hyungs on 'Hot Brothers' treat me like a real brother. When we're filming, they give me good advice and take good care of me, so we are able to enjoy filming".

BEAST is gathering popularity with their recent 3rd mini album with their title song 'SOOM' as they are sweeping 1st place on music programs.

CREDITS: Sports Chosun (SOURCE); glfishyy@B2ST RISING (TRANS)