[News] After School's Jooyeon will act Pregnant in 'Smile, Donghae'

..or at least that’s what she’ll be portraying in the upcoming KBS drama ‘Smile, Donghae’.

JooYeon will be making her acting debut playing the role of Saeyoung, a dancing major at a university, with a knack for getting into trouble. She unexpectedly becomes pregnant with Taehoon’s (played by Alex of Clazziquai) children and gives birth to twins.

At a press conference held on September 30th at the Grand Ambassador Hotel in Seoul, JooYeon was able to reveal her thoughts on the drama and her first acting role:
“I received acting advice from UEE… she participated in both dramas and film, so I rarely got to see her. She told me, ‘It’s hard, but I know unni can do it.’ UEE has also given me a lot of strength through her encouraging words and advice. Even though it’s nerve-wracking to act for the first time, it’s also very fun and enjoyable. It’s good that I can tackle acting while taking a break from my singing activities.”
‘Smile, Donghae’ is about Donghae (played by Ji Chang Wook), who was adopted by a couple overseas after being born to a single mother. The drama will follow Donghae as he finds new love and family, as well as the many struggles he must endure.

Look forward to the dramas premiere on October 4th!

Cr: Hellokpop

P.S. Sorry for the misleading title earlier.