[News] 4minute's manager's selcas garners interest

It's been known to fans that 4minute has quite a handsome manager and well, due to a few recently uploaded selcas, a lot of attention has been brought back to him and some netizens have even dubbed him as a 'fanboy manager.'

Netizens were stirred into a frenzy on the 5th of October when a few selcas featuring 4minute's manager was uploaded onto their official fancafe. There were also a few photos with himself and particular members of 4minute.

One of the more noticeable parts of his facial features which netizens were interested in include his large eyebrows. A hot response was felt through their comments about the sensual and stunning manager.

Some comments left on the page by netizens stated, 'He's so handsome,' and 'I believe they are a company family.'

Source: AsiaToday
Translation: its_matteo @ 4-minute.com