[News] 2NE1 "the word 'music' is more important than 'star'."

A gust of wind with their first full length album '2NE1'
Powerful dance, new, bold hip hop…
Sweeping the charts, claiming half of the top 10 positions

This was the day we met with the four girls known as CL (19), Park Bom (26), Sandara Park (26), Gong Minji (16), aka the 'Playful Unnis', it was quite nerve-wrecking. One might think that they would get crushed under well-known 'unni's force. Just in time, these girls released their first full-length album last month, and are sweeping up the idol world. Their songs are claiming half of the top 10 positions on several song charts.

However on the 29th last month, the four of these unpins came unexpectedly to visit Center News Daily. The charisma from their performances was no where in sight, and the quietly, almost like a whisper, agreed to do an interview. Sandara stated "We tend to give off a strong impression on stage, however when we get off, everyone's personality is really well-behaved."

# The full-length album that they spent one whole year on

The secret to how 2NE1 has been dominating several music charts recently: "Because the fans trust in 2NE1's music." 

Last year 2NE1 debuted in the spring, and up until now have only mainly done promotions with a mini album. Already having dominated several online charts with their songs such as their debut song 'Fire' and 'I Don't Care', they have been established as a top-class idol.

However they always felt that it was a shame that they couldn't do a full-length album to clearly show their distinctive musical colours. Therefore, for the past one year, they didn't appear on any shows and simply devoted their efforts to working on their album. The product of that was their 12-song long first full length album 'To Anyone'. Easier said than done, putting all your efforts into producing an album for an entire year is not an easy task. Moreover, how could these 'playful unni's stand being away from the stage for so long.

'I missed doing performances so much my body was itching. As a result, we'd sometimes hold a mini concert in our practice room." (Sandara)

Their activities are as unique as the amount that they ambitiously prepared for them. They've selected 3 songs to be their titles - Can't Nobody, Go Away and Clap Your Hands. They've been doing activities with all three songs, and the response has been so explosive that the 3 songs have all battled for number 1 at once.

"Since there are three title songs, we've had to put in three times the effort in all aspects, including dance, the song and style. It was a bit tiring for us in terms of stamina, however I feel great thinking that 2NE1 has risen a level in terms of their music."

#The girls almost became "Yang Ssa's Kids"

At the very beginning, the group name was not 2NE1. The first name offered by Yang Hyunsuk was the name 'Yang Ssa's (Yang Hyun Suk Sajangnim [president]) Kids.' and 'Tsunami'. Later on, their name was quickly changed to 2NE1 with the meaning 'The New Evolution of the 21st century'. They almost had to live it down with such a comical name.

Up till now, they've only had one meal with president Yang. They stated, "President Yang is a difficult person as ever." In addition, although regular fans believe that 2NE1 has already risen to a top-class idol, lately when their schedules end, they head straight to the practice room, and receive Yang's training.

"The day when we finished the first performance for this album, we returned right away to the practice room. We practiced once again with President Yang. Every time we practice, he personally checks up on our music and choreography, it's a nerve-wrecking moment." (CL)

# "In 30 years…."

These girls have dreamt of being idols since they were young. Although they've already claimed a spot as a top-star, "I haven't properly realized it yet (that we're stars)." Minji stated. With their repetitive lifestyle of performances and practice, it's not easy to feel their popularity. Park Bom said "It seems like my dream is still far away. I have to work hard and run forward in order to do better in performances and singing." Exactly as expected from the playful unni's. To these four girls, the word 'music' is more important than 'star'. Even if 30 years pass, will they still be playing with their music. 

"We'll be with music for as long as our appearance will allow. At that end of that, we may all take different paths, but I want to come together with them once in a while and hold a small concert under the name '2NE1'….. whatever path I choose, I won't leave music." At CL's words, the other 3 members nodded their heads in agreement.

Source: http://news.joins.com/article/aid/2010/10/...article|default
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