[New] What type of research did Goo Hye Sun do for upcoming drama?

It's confirmed that Taiwan is shooting their TV version of Japanese manga "Absolute Boyfriend," a love story between robot and human, and the leads are Wu Zun, popular member in group Fahrenheit, and Goo Hye Sun, South Korean actress better known from the K-version of "Boys Over Flowers."

Yesterday the two idols met each other for the first time in the press event for their new drama. Perhaps into his character already, Wu Zun was "behaving like a robot" in contrast to Goo's frank personality. Wu Zun wanted to give a good impression since it was his first time working with a Korean actress. But he was so polite that he even asked Goo's translator shyly "Can I put my hand on her shoulder?" when reporters requested the pair to stand a little closer.

Nudity is something pretty much everyone is concerned about [In 'Absolute Boyfriend,' there are scenes where the robot Nighto appears topless, even naked. Of course, the important part is covered!]. After watching the Japanese version of the drama, Goo immediately went to search explicit photos of Wu Zun that had been taken in the past, and she is very satisfied. "He has a good body, plus he is handsome," the actress praised. "And I'm very excited to see scenes of him going naked." That scared Wu Zun and he told her she doesn't have to answer questions like that.

Source: UDN / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment , aiyatheydidnt