[Message] SJ Siwon's Letter to Chinese Fans

To the dearest family members in China,

My fate with everyone has already last for 6 years, and I wasn’t able to write something for everyone like this, this is really the first time right?

Dearest family members in China, everyone has been well? Even though (I) was faraway (from you all), also want to pass this greetings and encouragement (to you all) :)

Felt everyone’s love and care to me when I was doing activities through Super Junior M, and also the heart that is full of warmth. Now am in Korea, but still can receive everyone’s love and warmth indirectly.

The me who is still lacking, is able to receive so many love and care from everyone. To everyone, there is only thanks and thanks. Thank you everyone.

Through this opportunity this time round, want to be able to become one with our chinese family members often. Strongly hope that the chinese family members far in China is able to merge as one, becoming closer.

My dearest family members, sincerely praying that Lord will give each and everyone love and blessings.

Hope that I can meet you all in Beijing concert with a cheerful look.

Using all my heart to love you guys. Even though we are separated across oceans, but we are one. My heart is with everyone.

Korea, Choi Siwon

Credit: οoΟ※For You※Οoο——☆ゞSiwon Choiゞ☆ (forsiwon.com)
Translated by: minoko2440 @ sapphirepearls.com