[Interview] Kim Hyun Joong Japanese Magazine Haru Hana Oct-Nov Vol.1

[Magazine Translation] Japanese Magazine Haru*Hana Oct-Nov Vol.1

Officially started on actor activity!
Kim HyunJoong Exclusive Interview

Reporter: Because of the Yoon Ji Hoo role in ‘Boys over Flowers’, gives a princely like, gentle and understanding image. In actual fact, in order to go into the music path, he has once stopped school for around 1 year during high school, even when he was objected by his family, he pursued on by working part time job, he is a person that has strong willpower.
HyunJoong: I am a very man kind of person. Say whatever I think, like means like, don’t like then don’t like, speaking everything out clearly kind of character. Reporter: Do you base on your first impression to decide on your dating partner?
HyunJoong: Giving me free space, no matter when also carefree kind is the ideal type. Just like when I go to drink with my friends, rather than ‘Don’t go”, more prefer to hear “Go and have a nice drink”, girl that would say like this to me.Reporter: HyunJoong who gave such a firm answer for the previous question, do you have any points which you would like to do some self correction.
HyunJoong: My bad point should be cannot hold on own stand. I have my own opinion, but if other just say: “Should be not bad?”. Then I would think of saying: “Em, maybe it is.”. For example when buying things, I have actually thought that it was suitable for me, others will tell me: “Very suitable for you”, I will buy it. In terms of work also, originally have thought that after filming “Boys over Flowers’ will graduate from High School student role, who knows people from company said: “This work has a great storyline, you definitely can do the job.” Therefore, I also accepted ‘Naughty Kiss’ that requires me to wear uniform. (Smile)

Reporter: Currently you are filming a new work ‘Naughty Kiss’, acting as a cool genius. During the busy work, during off day will also exercise to build up your body strength right?
HyunJoong: Once free, the exercise that I will definitely do is soccer. (During the period in Japan) Yesterday also took some free time to play soccer wtih the dancers. During off days, although would feel tired after exercising for a while, but considering that would grow old in future, so isn’t it better to store up some body strenght now. (Smile)

Reporter: Give Japanese ladies some secret to maintain youth.
HyunJoong: Exercise regularly, most important of all is to have the thinking that you are at your most ‘young’ condition. Sometimes will meet with some fans saying ‘Sorry for being an obasan (middle age lady)’ this kinda of word, but why referred yourself as obasan. I think as long as you maintain a teenage heart, it would make you younger.


Credit: elley0606 + (Chinese translation) 妃茵@TSTW + (English translation) PlanetHyun.blogspot.com