[INTERVIEW] 'Jungle Fish 2' Shin Soyul "want to appear on 'We Got Married' with MBLAQ Lee Joon"

As more couples are revealed in the entertainment industry lately, fellow entertainers in the industry are feeling envious. Shin Soyul who has been nicknamed the 'Shin Minah look-alike' is also no exception.

Shin Soyul plays the role of a vibrant girl who is striving for music and love on KBS 2TV's teen drama 'Jungle Fish 2'. When asked who she would like to be on MBC 'We Got Married' with, she surprising confessed, "I want to appear with MBLAQ's Lee Joon". 

Shin Soyul said, "I've always been a fan of MBLAQ. Especially the masculine and chic image Lee Joon portrays on stage. But off stage, his cute and wacky personality seen through variety shows is also charming".

On 'Jungle Fish 2', Shin Soyul and Lee Joon slowly became good friends. Shin Soyul and Lee Joon's surprise hidden episode will be revealed.

"Actually I was previously on Olive TV's 'Coco & Marc Season 2' with MBLAQ's G.O for three months. One day, G.O couldn't come for the filming, so Lee Joon came instead. At the time, I regret that I was not able to grow closer with him like I anted to."

'Jungle Fish 2' became her chance to relieve the regret at the time.

When asked about Shin Soyul's feelings about filming with Lee Joon whom she has always been a fan of, she replied with an excited expression, "In this drama, Lee Joon plays Ahn Bawoo who has a close friendship with Lee Rai, both characters are always bickering. This time it seems there are plenty of opportunities to become closer". 

On the other hand, Shin Soyul plays the role of Lee Rai who has an easy going character popular among people of all ages. Lee Rai is active as the vocalist of the university's indie band. She is devoted to her boyfriend whom she met in the band.

Lee Joon's character Ahn Bawoo is a pure-hearted, passionate and loyal teenager who dropped out of school due to a case of injustice. Although he grew up in an underprivileged home environment, he is kind-hearted and innocent. He and Lee Rai are good friends.

This special stand-out composition themed 'A Friend's Death' of KBS 2TV's 'Jungle Fish 2' will be begin broadcast on November 4, 8.50pm. 

SOURCE: Newsen
TRANSLATION: Homaniac@AbsoluteMBLAQ (English) + 蓝蓝 @ Lee Joon Baidu Bar (Chinese)

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