[Interview] BEAST, "Because of the stress from the choreography, we even thought about running away"

BEAST had revealed the difficulties they faced while preparing for the ‘Breath’ performance.

BEAST had been continuously attracting attention by showing off a dance that displayed the different characteristics of 6 members while still maintaining to mix the different performances into one for ‘Breath’. The practice video that had been released afterwards also helped to gain attention.

In the interview with Newsen, Yong Junhyung stated, “The choreography practice was the hardest.” The choreography for BEAST had been the work of Haw. He had made up the dance moves in America and sent them over to Korea, and the dance team in Korea had to study the video and teach BEAST. However a few days later, Haw arrived in Korea and checked over the dance and BEAST had to relearn the moves from scratch. 

“We practiced the choreography for 3~4 days without a rest in the practice room. After that we moved right on to the music video filming.”

BEAST’s ability to quickly learn the dance moves have been proven. Even during the ‘SHOCK’, they had practiced the dance moves right until the date of the music video filming. “This time we had asked them for a favor earlier. We wanted more time to practice freely. But the reality wasn’t like that.” (Jang Hyunseung) 

“It is also our job to digest all the dance moves in a short time. However since the ending was coming soon, everyone starts to anticipate. We practiced with the stress and overwhelming feeling on us the whole time.” (Yong Junhyung)

Leader Yoon Doojoon had also thought about “actually running away with the member because the stress on them was too much.” In the elevator each of them thought about “hiding away in each of their homes,” but since all of them were scared, they ended the conversation with “running away on a day without schedules.” In the end BEAST’s episode of ‘Runner’ had disappeared. 

After Yong Junhyung, who had been nominated as the second in change for the second album, when Yang Yoseob, who had been nominated as the second in charge for third album, stated, “We are messing up. We are just becoming the bad kids,” suddenly all of the other members agreed. BEAST stated, “We ended up forgetting all the hardships after looking at the fans cheering for the dance moves we worked hard on.”

In the dance practice video that was revealed after their comeback had a little surprise for the fans. BEAST had expressed their thankfulness in the crazy dances. When we asked Yoon Doojoon if that was his everyday side, he stated, “I’m not like this,” however he couldn’t avoid Yang Yoseob confessing, “He is worse than that.” Yoon Doojoon had almost even sprained his ankle dancing the ‘Yoon Exaggerated Dance’. 

Yoon Doojoon stated, “I really couldn’t tell anyone that I sprained by ankle. Thankfully there weren’t any big problems, but I was a bit disappointed in myself.”

After a year since debut, BEAST, who had been promoting like crazy, is now slowly starting to take off the “rookie” sticker and running towards the top of the music industry. “Through this album, we can clearly feel that we are getting some attention. In the future, we want to let the public know about the existence of BEAST. We hope that there isn’t anyone out there that doesn’t know us. (Jang Hyunseung)

Meanwhile BEAST will be having a special time with the fans in the solo concert coming up in December.