[Interview] Asia's No.1 Korean Wave Idol "2PM" Exclusive Interview

Asia's No.1 Korean Wave Idol "2PM" Exclusive interview

Finally, the exclusive interview of the top Korean idol group, 2PM, set to make an official Japanese debut!

Q: These days, Japan has been on a Korea boom, centering around K-pop, but what do you guys think about it?

Junho: We are very thankful that the Japanese have much affection and interest in Korean culture. I think it would be great if the Korean Wave in Japan won't just be a Korean Wave, but that many people in Japan will grow to love and enjoy the culture as it becomes more familiar to them. We will make an effort for that to happen!

Wooyoung: After "Winter Sonata," I saw many senior actors and singers working in Japan and receiving love, and I thought that since Korean culture is loved greatly in Japan and not just in Korea, I decided that we, 2PM, had to work harder to mature, too. And so I thought it would be great if we, 2PM, were given a chance to show our music and stage someday.

Chansung: I'm very thankful and honored that another country likes Korean culture. Due to the great interest, I now feel that we, and many other Korean artists, should begin the process to always make an effort to show only the best of ourselves as well as the best of our Korean culture.

Q: Nichkhun is from Thailand, isn't he? What do you think about the Korean boom in Japan?

Nichkhun: In Korea, many people enjoy various elements of Japanese culture, and in Japan, there are many people who are interested in Korean culture. Having interest in each other's culture makes it possible for Korea and Japan to share cultures. Lots of Korean singers have been working in Japan recently, but I think that this is a good way to learn about each other more. I think it's because music is a "universal language" - it can be experienced without the meaning being explained.

Q: Is there anything you know or like about Japanese culture?

Junho: I like Japanese animation very much. I think it has many attractions to it that makes me go crazy over it. I like dramas as well. I enjoyed "Gokusen" very much. I sometimes enjoy listening to Japanese artists' music. Ah! I often listen to the "GTO" soundtrack sung by L'Arc-en-Ciel!

Junsu: I like songs by Isao Sasaki, who also has performed in Korea.

Wooyoung: As for Japanese culture, I've heard stories about Japanese music culture from my senior dancer who had danced with me before debuting. Also, I've learned many things through watching videos of Japanese dancers who danced on the street. Even when I watch them now, I think about how it would be great if I could dance with them. I want to experience Japanese the dance and music of street culture for myself. Also, I really, really like the musician, Yuhki Kuramoto. I feel at ease when I listen to the lyrical melody of his piano.

Nichkhun: I often listen to Hikaru Utada's music. I especially like "First Love." I also really like the drama "GTO." I put the entire series of it in my MP3 player, and I watch it every single day (laugh).

Q: Those were unique answers, but as one might expect, they were all about drama and music. So, are there any places you would like to visit when you go to Japan?

Wooyoung: I've never been there before, but when we go to Japan I definitely want to go to Shibuya. I also want to eat delicious food and go shopping. Even just thinking about it is exciting!

Junsu: Even though I haven't really been there, there are numerous places I want to try going to. First, I want to go to Harajuku in Tokyo...the food is delicious and I want to shop there. Besides that, I want to go to Tokyo Tower, which I've heard about in a story!

Wooyoung: I want to go to Tokyo, too!

Chansung: I want to go to a Japanese hot spring. Hot springs are often shown on TV and traveling guides, right? I've even seen pictures of monkeys enjoying the hot springs too~! (laugh)

Taecyeon: I want to go to Kyoto! I want to see fireworks and walk around Japan's historical and traditional town.

Nichkhun: Personally, I want to travel around Tokyo. Also, I want to go to the suburbs outside the city metropolis. I want to experience the different sides to the culture, like Japanese original traditions and customs.

Q: Who is your most respected singer? It doesn't have to be someone Japanese.

Junho: I respect Usher and JY Park very much. With regards to Japanese artists, I also really respect Takuya Kimura and Namie Amuro for all the works they've had that have made them tower above the rest.

Junsu: I respect Kanye West and R. Kelly because they are singers who are working with their own style and are producers as well. I want to be a musician like them in the future.

Wooyoung: (I respect) Michael Jackson!

Chansung: I also respect Michael Jackson.

Taecyeon: I respect Rain, who always works hard and shows his best performance.

Nichkhun: I respect JY Park, who is my producer, teacher, and is even like a brother. I think that it was a huge chance for me that I could witness how he works and be able to work along with him. He has always been the one who gives me inspiration and motivation to live harder and be able to do music.

Q: You guys have deep thought. Then, do you have anyone, not singers, whom you respect?

Junho: My parents.

Junsu: My mother!

Wooyoung: I respect the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, who had a life like fireworks.

Chansung: I respect my father.

Taecyeon: I respect my father, too.

Nichkhun: I respect my parents the most. They gave me my healthy body, my beloved younger sisters [t/n - they made a typo in the article and wrote "younger brothers"], my older brother, affection, etc, which are all the best things in my life. And I think that they trained me for everything I've ever faced in life. I respect and love them so much.

Q: Many of the answers are about parents. I think that one of the reasons why Japanese love Korean stars is that Korean people think of their family as very important. What is the meaning of family for you?

Junho: For me, I want to say family is.... like a "tree". My family is a "tree" which is always supporting me, and can create a cool shade for me to feel at ease from all the most painful and difficult times I go through.

Junsu: For me, family is an overflowing of trust and love that I can always rely on and is the reason behind my existence.

Wooyoung: For me, family exists as the driving force behind my past, present and future, and for me to always run toward my goals.

Chansung: For me, family is a trunk of unwavering support which has always believed in me.

Taecyeon: My family is the only thing in this world who's love cannot be replaced!

Nichkhun: My family consists of people who create the "home" I love, and I'm able to feel completely relaxed within that circle. I think everyone needs a family like that. I'm also working very hard for my family and for my future family. My life would be meaningless without my family.

Q: Lastly, please tell us your goals.

Junho: I want to become a "good person" (laugh). I want to be a musician who is recognized in the musical field I love, and I want to be able to show good music to many people. Furthermore, I want to be recognized by most people as someone human-like and be confirmed as a "good person." I'm working really hard for that purpose!

Junsu: I will continue to make much effort, so that I can become a great musician, not just for right now, but to be recognized long into the future.

Wooyoung: As a musician, and as the human named Jang Wooyoung, I want to be someone who who can offer joy and delight for every person of this world, of course through songs and stages, to the best of my ability.

Chansung: I want to be a person who is recognized through music and acting and all other fields I may go into, and is respected by many people. I plan on working hard to make that happen.

Taecyeon: My dream is to have a happy family as a cool father and husband! (laugh)

Nichkhun: I will work very hard, discover new talents of mine, and always make an effort. I want to be someone who is recognized by many. Also, I want to be a good son, younger brother, older brother, and in the future, I want to be a good husband and good father. (laugh)

Credit: Reuters
Article: http://president.jp.reuters.com/article/20...91A3F99CD51.php
Translated by tksk1109 & dawnjelly @ Wild2Day.org