[Info] U-Kiss Break Time 4th Mini-album introduction

Music’s Introduction

Releasing their 3rd mini album which had the hit track 'Man Man Ha Ni' that accompanied with nation craze dance (Strong guy dance) last year, the international idol group U-KISS is coming back with even better music!

They said that they have been working hard during their little break. This upcoming mini album will also contain 56 pictures that have never been seen before, revealing the diverse images of the members. From their fresh looks to charismatic looks. Showing their mature side while giving the album their own splash of colour through from Kevin's sweet vocal in 'Before Yesterday (Intro)' to the title track '시끄러 !! (Shut Up!!)', 'Light It Up, 'Avatar', etc. The album will have 7 songs in total. In addition, U-Kiss will disclose special cuts of unrevealed photos in form of cards (8 cards in total) in this album. This 'hidden' cards will be put in the album randomly. Up until now, their new looks, music style and performances have yet to be revealed.


01. Before Yesterday (Intro)
The first track, 'Before Yesterday' is a luxury R&B style that serves as this album's Intro. This Intro will guide the listeners into the directions of U-KISS' new music.

02. Shut Up 'Title song'
The second track, 'Shut Up' which serves as this 4th album's title track, is a song composed by Kim Taehyun who also had worked with Ivy (Temptation Of Sonata), After School (Bang) and T-Ara (I Go Crazy Because Of You). Kim Taehyun has added a Hardcore Electronic arrangement technique into U-KISS' existing style while maintaining the focus, track sound and vocals, not forgetting to show their tough and refined images as well.

03. Light It Up
This track is a joint-creation of composer Kim Taewan and Stay Tuned. It is a fast-paced rhythm's arpeggios (Italian for broken chord) sync with a variety of drum line. It is filled with a heavy hip-hop drums and a house electronic feel sync. The harmonious blend of piano and electro hip-hop number show the dramatic development of a man's love through the lyrics in the verses before going back to the cool pop lyrics in the chorus, showing another different side of U-KISS' feel in this track.

04. 'Rock Ya' Body
A song composed by Kim Taewan and DM, a song that gives a feeling of hip-hop R&B which is different to U-Kiss' previous songs. A groovy drum sound filled the song, which is rare find in Korea, creating a chic's trendy feeling with a hip-hop drum set spreading across the melody line.

05. Avatar
'Avatar' is a song created by a hit-song composer PJ and Min Woungshik, which have worked with Seo In Guk (My Baby U) and IU (Marshmellow) that upgraded U-KISS own addictive sound with a trendy rapping style. With the message of 'I want things according to my own way' that shows their masculinity through their powerful rap and unique charm that brings out the intensity of the song. The collaboration between the hip-hop rhythm and guitar distortion element combined with the electronic rock style is a popular trend among the Korean dance entertainment world, making it a hot-track.

# 01. Before Yesterday (Intro)
# 02. 시끄러!! Shut Up!!
# 03. Light It Up
# 04. Rock Ya' Body
# 05. Avater
# 06. 시끄러!! Shut Up!! (Inst.)
# 07. Light It Up (Inst.)

Source: Yes24 (Source) + jaymie501 (translations) @ROCKETBOXX.NET