[Info] Sungjong, Niel, and Drama to be a fixed guest for "Magnae Institution"

"Magnae Institution"
With Sungjong (Infinite), Niel (Teen Top), Drama (Dalmatian)
And their instructor~ H-Eugene!

-Overflowing with his charms is his problem as Infinite’s Sungjong has already caused a commotion with his appearance in Sebawki!

-Teen Top’s Niel who claps well on stage but when his sunbaes are speaking, he can’t butt in!

-Even the staff of Starry Night were shocked! Just by looking at him, everyone labeled him as Korean but he only knows how to read and can’t understand the content of one’s story! Dalmatian’s Drama who needs translations for the script!

-And their trainer we’ve prepared for them.

-H-Eugene, the best trainer who’s creating a H-Line movement amongst idols as he’s showed off his wittiness through years of being a fixed guest on Starry Night!!

-And the best entertainer DJ Kyunglim who everyone follows for news about idols and conquered all of the variety shows!!

Our goal is to ‘take over the MBC variety programs’!!

Now, will they be able to obtain all the knowledge for variety shows and become the bluechips of the variety world? (Of course, they need to start by becoming the bluechip of radio guests…)

Send us your missions for the magnaes!

-Missions on what magnaes have to do in variety shows (i.e. impersonations)
-Basics magnaes have to know for variety shows (speaking articulation, acting)

-Also, suggestions on other magnaes to be on the show.

For those who send in good suggestions for "Magnae Institution" will receive an ‘abundant prize.’


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