[FANACCOUNT] 101014 Jay doesn't know what highlighters are

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I'm very shy... I just wanted to upload this so read it lightly. I don't have anything much to say. There's a cute fan that I know and she always jokes about wanting to play jokes on Jaebum. She would always practice in front me... Jaebum looked like he was in a good mood today so I told her to try. So that's how our... nonsense started, kekeke.

Fan: Oppa, do you know... how to say you really like hyung in three letters?
Jaebum: (thinking deeply)
Fan: You don't know?
Jaebum: I don't know.
Fan: A 'hyung gwang pen'... (TN: Means highlighter, but can also be taken apart as hyung = brother, gwang = crazy, pen = fan)
Jaebum: (not laughing)
Fan: Do you not know what a highlighter is?
Jaebum: (nod nod)

Fan: Do you know who the person that falls asleep the fastest is?
Jaebum: Me! (starting to play along)
Fan: No... it's 'imija.' (TN: could be a name, but also means already sleeping)
Jaebum: (smirking)

He seemed like he was about to laugh so she got brave and tried one more.

Fan: In Star Wars, they use light sabers right? Do you know what color it is?
Jaebum: (shakes head)
Fan: You have to look at me...
Jaebum: (glance)
Fan: (holding her hand up in the air) Orange~~~~~~ colored.. (getting quiet)
Jaebum: (he wants to laugh but he's clenching his jaw to hold it in)

She got embarrassed and flew away... And that's how we sent Jaebum back to America with our nonsense... What did we do?

Oh, and maybe there was a problem with his passport, but he was standing in front of the entrance for a very long time. An employee came up to him and asked for a handshake, which he agreed to.

When people greeted Cha Cha, he greeted back in Korean. We also asked for "picture, picture," and he replied back, "sajin, sajin (picture)."

3rd explanation:
onedayluva orange in korean is joowang
so it sounds like the sound a lightsabre makes "zooowaanngggg~~" like "zoom"
so its actually quite funny... & corny at the same time ahhahaha