[DKP Exclusive] 19th Filipino-Korean Cultural Festival is another unforgettable moment for both countries

Full Daily Kpop News' Coverage/Report for the 19th Filipino-Korean Cultural Festival

The United Korean Community Association is celebrating the 19th Filipino-Korean Cultural Festival. The organized event held in Manila Film Center, Pasay City on October 2, 2010 at 2PM-5PM was a big success. Unforgettable

The venue is fully packed with more or less than 2000 attendees who joined and witnessed the annual event. Even the stairs of the hall where the event’s taking place was also occupied by attendees because of the increasing number of spectators coming in just before and during the event.

The event starts by Samulnori Presentation from Si Heung Cultural Center. The Korean performers danced gracefully wearing their traditional dress and receive applause from the audience. It was followed by playing both Philippine and Korean National Anthems wherein Filipinos and Koreans showed respect for their respective countries and to the countries of each. Opening remarks were given by United Korean Community Association’s (UKCA) Vice President Mr. Lee Jong Man. He thanked Filipino soldiers who went to Korea during the Korea War. He also mentioned that they also celebrating 60years anniversary of Korea War.

The event was hosted by Kim Liza Naidas and Thor Pozun.

The event proper was welcomed by UKCA’s President Mr. Park Ill Kyoung. Mr. Park thanked Filipino soldiers who went to Korea to help during the Korea War. He also mentioned that they also celebrating 60years anniversary of Korea War. He stated that the Slogan for the 19th Filipino-Korean Cultural Festival is “Love Philippines and Love Korea”.

Congratulatory address by Korean Embassy’s Ambassador Hon. Lee Hye Min. The Ambassador shared the history of Filipino- Korean relationship, the culture of both and their practices. He ensured better relationship of two countries. He thanked the audience for the warm presence they gave and said that Korean culture is really close to Filipino’s hearts, which audiences agreed. He mentioned that he’s surprised to hear that Filipinos are singing Korean songs that burst laughter to the audience.

Department of Tourism Assistant Secretary Benito Benzon, in behalf of Hon. Alberto A. Lim expressed his gratitude to UKRC for inviting him. He emphasized, “Koreans play important role to Philippine mainstream society. He also added that this kind of event is the venue for promoting friendship between Filipino and Koreans.

Before the performances started, a video message from 2PM’s former leader Jay Park played. He greeted the audience and told everyone to enjoy. He also promoted his fan meeting this October 3, 2010 at SMX Convention Center and invited everyone to come.

A special performance from Kpop Girl Group Pointen followed. The group consists of 4 members, a combination of two Filpinas and two Koreanas.

After the song and dance number from Pointen, the performances from the finalists for the 19th Filipino-Korean Cultural Festival Idol competition begin.

For this competition, Korean finalists must sing a Tagalog song, while Filipino finalists must sing/dance in a way how Korean did it.

First finalist came from Korea, the Brent Idols. They sung Pinioy’s popular song title “Pinoy Ako” wearing “barong tagalog” (traditional clothes for Filipino men) and “baro at saya” (traditional clothes for Filipino women).

Second finalist came from Philippines, the Deuteronomians. A girl dance group dancing 2ne1 songs.

Third finalist came from Philippines, the 9 Flames. Another girl dance group dancing Girl’s Generations’ songs.

Watch 9 Flames 'Tell Me Your Wish" performance below:

credit: hyunai29@YT

Fourth finalist came from Korea, Mr. Arnold Yu (replacing original finalist Winnie Kang who diagnosed with Dengue fever and wasn’t able to attend the competition) He sung “Bebot” from Black Eyed Peas’ Apple.De.Ap. His energy was contagious to the point that the audience sung along with him for the entire performance.

Fifth finalist came from Philippines, Ann Vanessa R. Acosta, a solo female singer who sung a Korean song titled “bogo shipta”

Sixth finalist came from Korea, Jung Hyun- Ae , a solo female singer who sung a Tagalog song titled “Isang Lahi”

Seventh finalist came from Philippines, the Cool Trippers, they danced and sing Korean song.

Eight and the last finalist came from Philippines, the X-Crew, a group of boys and girls impersonating Super Junior and dancing to Super Junior’s songs.

After the performances from the 8 finalists, awarding ceremony was held. Cool Trippers received the 2nd prize worth P7, 000.00, while female finalist Jung Hyun- Ae received the 1st prize worth P10,000.00

Watch Cool Trippers performance below:

credit: hyunai29@YT

And the grand prize worth P20, 000.00 for the 19th Filipino-Korean Cultural Festival was given to X-Crew who apparently received most number of screams, cheers and applause from the audience.

X-Crew's winning moment...

X-Crew with their prize...

"We are.. X-Crew.. doing SuJu sign (the organizers too? ^^)"

photos by: anna ramos

Watch the grand prize winner's performance below:

credit: hyunai29@YT

The popularity award worth P10, 000.00 was given to Mr. Arnold Yu for singing “Bebot” and receiving the most audience impact from the audience.

Watch the "Bebot" performance below:

credits: hyunai29@YT

In between set of performances, there are also raffle prizes given away to lucky audiences. Prizes such as Television Set, DVD Component, and P5000.00 worth of Salon service, Hotel Accommodation, Washing Machine, Cellphones and other consolation prizes are given away.

Special performances from Philippine Cultural Dance Group Bayanihan, Philippine Women University Taekwondo, UKCA Student Association Dancers, Kopina Children, Si Heung Cultural Center and Park, Kyung Sun, singing contest winner were also included in the event.

Watch UKCA Student Association Dancer performance below:

credit: hyunai29@YT

Before leaving the venue, those who witnessed the successful event said "this is another event that is unforgettable". Let's create more unforgettable moments together for the coming years..

Filipino and Koreans Go Go!!

article by: shaynekay@dkpopnews.net