[Article] 2NE1 at Music Core: Fully Clothed Sexiness

While other female idols battle over who can wear the tightest, shortest, most revealing outfits, 2NE1 stands out from the crowd, as usual, donning what the K-media is calling their "colorful skull" outfits today. Not having Dara and Minzy, or better yet the CL-Bom team MCing the show left and empty cavern where my happiness used to be.... that is until 2NE1 stepped on the stage to perform a rousing rendition of Can't Nobody.

Credits: CrazyCarrot260 @youtube

Where do these ladies get their enthusiasm? They always seem to throw themselves into performances. Though we have seen them perform this song several times a week for five and a half weeks, it never gets tiring. Mostly, it seems the girls, especially Bom are loving the ccomfortable sweats. Rather than "colorful skulls," they remind me of comfy marching band outfits. Like maybe they snatched the practice gear off a super stylish gangsta marching band [those spikes still scare me a bit] teehee. Whatever you call it, the girls were still able to show their various charms. The ladies were just as sexy as ever despite everyone being covered head-to-toe.

Let me also say. I am kinda digging Minzy's new floor routine. I like the body wave of before, but the transisitions from the new crossed leg move during (I'm so bad bad, I'm so good good) was cleaner and smoother today. And don't be too concerned, that tag on Minzy's bum is supposed to be there.

Lastly, I never noticed how nice the Music Core sound system could be. Their voices all came out clear as a whistle. Did Music Core upgrade and I am just now noticing? Now, if only MNET could step up their game.

OOPS! How can i forget to mention the golden pigtails. Normally you associate pigtails with cutseyness and innocence. CL takes that notion and throws it into a blender with her upgraded afro-puffy pigtails. Will this become another new trend, just like Bommie's red hair?

Source: TVDAILY and MBC Music Core
Article by tazanya @ygladies.com