[Announcement] Support DKP by purchasing Ukiss Tickets from Us!

As we should have all known by now, UKISS will be coming to Singapore for a Fan meeting/ Fan signing session as well as a mini showcase, which will include 6 songs.

DKP will be selling the tickets for this event. & by buying from us, you not only support us, but also help fund us. So why not enjoy Ukiss's performance by purchasing a ticket & support us at the same time?

A Mini Showcase of 6 Songs
Venue: Bedok Reservoir
Ticket Price: $38
Time: 6PM(Priority), 8PM*
Date: 19th Nov 2010
No Age Constrain
* The event will start at 8PM.

All interested fans please email to:
dkplinda@gmail.com with the following details.
NRIC Number:
Date of Birth:
Contact Number:
Email Address:
Number of Tickets:#_
Payment Mode: