[Trans/Interview] Taiwan Channel V's exclusive interview with Taeyang in Korea

The VJ went to Korea and had an exclusive interview with Taeyang. This is the first time the Taiwan media has the opportunity to come in contact with Big Bang member. Although the person I interviewed was Taeyang but I have also conveyed the Taiwanese fans' support for Big Bang and hope that they will come to Taiwan when there is a chance.

I feel that Taeyang is a very nice person. When he came to know that there are many Taiwanese fans' waiting for him, he promised that if there is chance, he hopes to meet up with them soon.

Ok, on today's show, because I know in Taiwan there is no record company that carries Taeyang's solo work, therefore when I was in Korea, I bought back this limited edition album for everyone. You see this limited edition album, isn't it beautiful? I am going to give this out to the viewers. Let's take a look at this limited edition album. Inside, there is a Taeyang autographed photo. Although it is autographed by Taeyang but the photo and the signature are printed copies. I must clarify this with everyone.

[forward to 4:34 for the interview]

The interview with Taeyang was carried out at the backstage of Music Bank.

Hey, today at the backstage of Music Bank, you see, the person I got to interview is Taeyang.

VJ : Hello

Taeyang : I am Taeyang. Channel V, hello everyone

VJ : Finally we get to see Taeyang on our Taiwan media. There are many fans in Taiwan who like Taeyang very much. let take this opportunity to say something to the Taiwanese fans.

Taeyang : Meeting up with the Taiwan media, very happy to see everyone. And hope that there will be more chances to meet the Taiwanese fans. Really very happy to see everyone.

VJ : Ok, so at the backstage usually there is a lot of waiting time. Just like now at the backstage of Music Bank, so usually while waiting, what will Taeyang do?

Question on screen : Usually while waiting to go on stage, what would you do?

Taeyang : Usually before going on stage, I will reflect on matters related to the stage. Before going on stage will think about the stage performance and at the same time, relax myself. Before going on stage will try hard to rest my mind.

VJ : So normally before the actual performance, you got to concentrate. So what method would you use to keep this feeling of concentration?

Question on screen : What method to use to keep the concentration?

Taeyang : For example, listening to my favourite songs, close my eyes and rest my mind. And also taking some time to be alone. Everyone should know that there are many people in the resting room. So I will go to places like the washroom to think of a way to relax, taking time to be alone.

VJ : There is a difference between solo performance and group performance. So between these two, what is the difference Taeyang feel?

Question on screen : What is the difference between group and solo performance?

Taeyang :
I decide everything for my own stage but for Big Bang's stage, it is made up of every member's opinion. Therefore it's different in this area. But no matter what, what we want to do is music, so our mentality / point of views are the same. So there isn't too much of a difference. Except in Big Bang we can carry out many diversity of music. But being solo, I can express out my own charms.

VJ : Ok, today we are very happy to be able to meet Taeyang at the backstage. Hope he will come to Taiwan soon to meet up with everyone. Thank you Taeyang.

Taeyang : Thank you Channel V, thanks so much.

Video Source: yinglisa5387 @ YT
Translated by: Miseremei @ bigbanghaven.blogspot.com