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Born on 12th of December. He has A blood type. He is the vocal of the band who has a penetrating voice which can heal people. He is studying in the Central University, major in Drama and Movies. Being the youngest in the team, he is always bullied by his brothers but he also possesses the character of hoping to be loved. He has engaged in solo activities,plays, movies and has also been the MC of a music programme. He has multi talents and his Japanese is getting better and better since now, he can almost communicate with Japanese without a translator.

Dating Q and A
1)Q: What would you become if you are in love?

A: I would be cool to her. (laugh) It is because if I treat her like this, she would feel nervous and treat out relationship very serious from time to time, wouldn’t she? Then, my girlfriend might ask, ‘you don’t like me anymore?’ Then, I would answer her serious, ‘I love you in fact.’ (Laugh)

2) Q: What is your ideal distance between you and your sweetheart?
A: It is enough if we talk on the phone once both in the morning and at night. In the day time, we would support each other in our hearts. Whenever I think that ‘my girlfriend is supporting me’, I would work very hard. Then, I would be very confident to tell her ‘I have worked hard today’ on the phone. That would be really great!

3) Q: How do you think about marriage now?
A: Early marriage is not my cup of tea. I think those men who have experienced a lot in life can treat women more gently and can more able to make them happy. They must know how to give women what they want as well. After I have accumulated different kinds of experience, I think I would want to get married too.
He believes he can achieve what he wants anytime Learn Japanese through watching Japanese dramas

‘I think having confidence is my weapon. No matter what it is, it is natural for us being not able to do it at the very beginning and do not think that you are doomed to be not able to do it from now until forever. You just have to keep your faith and say to yourself, ‘it’s okay, I can do it some days.’The kind of confidence
VI refers to is not arrogance but the faith that he has about believing himself is capable of achieving his aims.
‘ In order to possess confidence, I think it is a must for me to work accordingly hard. I inherited this mindset from my father. From the very beginning, my father has never showed that he does not believe me in accomplishing my targets once. What he says is always, ‘It’s okay. I am always by your side. To repay my support, please work really hard.’ He always encouraged me to achieve my dreams like this.

After he had clarified what his dream is, he stepped into this world under the support of his father
However, he was only 16 when he debuted, no wonder he had to struggle against his own emotions at that time. ‘When I was just debuted, I felt so exhausted because of so many things but no matter how tired I was, I must show my smile in front of the cameras. I knew very clearly that I do have emotions too but why I must lie in front of the public? I had always struggle about that. The president saw that and he taught me, ’ ‘the people who cannot control his own emotions cannot touch others’ heart either,’ I was moved by this sentence and started to change my mindset. Whenever I think of my job can even touch others’ hearts, I have no reasons not to work really hard,’

After his professionalism blossomed, he has been facing his challenges with confidence.
Basically, now, he can use Japanese to communicate with Japanese without a translator.‘For those who have passion in music in Asia, it is always their dream to be debuted in Japan. Then, over all kinds of obstacles, we are now debut in Japan,I then want to speak very fluent Japanese to undergo q and a session, hoping that everyone can feel happy from this. I like to watch Japanese dramas from the very beginning,then now I learn how to speak Japanese more naturally by imitating the accent of the Japanese in the dramas.’

His attitude of challenging everything will be another weapon of VI.
‘I want to enjoy my life and challenge everything I face. Of course, I will encounter many failures but I still think that it is another kind of enjoyment. This is the same when I have to face my work. I always want to challenge myself to sing different styles of songs and dances. Even if I fail, I will repeat again and again. In act, we will only know what we can achieve by actually doing that and I think it is really important.’

Q: What do you do to achieve your dream future?

A: In order to let others feel my charisma and personality, good Japanese is a must. I must acquire very good ability of using Japanese. Of course, it is very important for others to listen to our music. For me, I think through Japanese, we can convey my own character to others. Moreover, I also think that the Japanese really love making jokes; therefore, I want my audience to laugh happily and enjoy music when we are having our live show. And I have to make it clear that I will work very hard so that I will not lose to my elder brothers although I am the maknae (youngest brother) !

Source: With Japanese Magazine
Chinese Translation: 叶包子 @Baidu
English Translation: Rice@BIGBANG WORLD