[Picture] New ‘gorilla teaser photo’ for JYP newcomer rapper San E revealed!

The veil to ‘JYP’s new weapon’ rap genius San E has been lifted.

After the teaser video release for San E, who is known by many for his unique rapping and also called by the name of ‘Teacher San’ in the music scene, a gorilla teaser photo was revealed on his official homepage on 8th September.

The photo revealed on www.jype.com/sane featured San E laughing at a gorilla doll wearing a tee with the initials ‘JYP’ printed on it, unaware that Park JinYoung is standing behind watching him. Park JinYoung is known to have the nickname of a ‘sexy gorilla’.

Meanwhile, there has been great interests garnered on his upcoming rap singer since his reveal on 7th September.

Cr: Kbites