[Photo] U- Kiss' Alexander's predebut photo and U-kiss comeback

Alexander's predebut photo got alot of attention which posted by
his father, Anthony, the universal Uncle of the Kissme which also known
as Uncle A.

Recently, Uncle A post a pre-debut photo of his son Alexander through twitter and gained lots of attention by netizens specially the kissme'. Some netizen's comments are "xander is so stylish! sexy boy.. ^^ thanks for sharing uncle A"
& "OHMY! :O @alexander_0729 u look like a giirrrll >:) haha a very pretty one *O*)b duuddee. i can feel the sexy and cool oozing out xD LOOOL ILY <3">
U-Kiss was set to comeback on October this year but no exact date yet.
many netizens was getting unpatience of waiting to their comeback.

Be ready Kissme! Your Uncle making you more excited for the comeback of U-kiss!

Credits: www.gokpop.com