[News]Suju Leeteuk, able to become the MC of next generation? Expressed different images through variety performances

Singer Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk expressed his wish to become a MC.
From his recent active performance in variety programs, he has a high possibility of not losing to Yoo Jae Suk and becoming the MC of the next generation.
Not long ago (,) in the program “Come To Play”, (he) stated the 3 vital skills in variety programs, Yoo Jae Suk complimented on it and replied that (,) that was the special part in Leeteuk.
In actual fact, as he explained the vital points in variety programs skills, Leeteuk has also expressed his different images from a singer that he has obtained by hard work in this period of time.
Leeteuk stated “I’ve to know the reason why I came to this program” , “Yesterday I didn’t have any sleep and felt very tired but I can’t let people feel it.” , “Because the audience don’t know that I’m actually lethargic due to lack of sleep.” These kind of statements attracted a surprising reaction from MC Kim Won Hee.
In addition, Leeteuk also added that there must be adequate reactions, such as laughing in a frivolous tone as compared to the normal laughter. He also did variety reactions for Actor Lee Ming Jung who was in the same program.
Leeteuk not only showed a deep impact on the audience through this program, but also touched fans through the Chuseok Special program “Radio Star Super Show”.
Until now, he has not only showed his different images through broadcasts, but also became the pillar which ensured the members of Super Junior (,) in becoming artists that the audience will be familiar with, (he’s) the true leader of Super Junior. Through his changing images, he also expressed his desire in taking the role of a MC.
To members Kangin and Hangeng who couldn’t be with the group, Leeteuk could not bring himself to say hurting words, and instead showed concern for them, neither did he responded with words that belittled them.
In “Radio Star”, he showed no retreat when taking over the roles of the MCs, and continued hosting the program smoothly. In the last performance “Tok Tok Tok”, he also turned up the atmosphere to the maximum.
Of course, as much as MCs such as Shindong who has talent and is able to turn up the atmosphere in a short period is needed, the skilful MC skills which Leeteuk possesses allowed him a stable guest position in programs such as “Strong Heart” and “Star King”.
As compared to the role of an idol group’s leader, Leeteuk is able to lead the progress in variety programs well, and his hardworking appearance definitely caught the audience’s attention.

Source: tvdaily.co.kr
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