[News]Suju Kyuhyun to Kangin, “The one who bullied the newcomers, went to the army already” a late confession

Super Junior Kyuhyun unveiled the story regarding him joining the idol group late.
On the 23th broadcast of MBC Chuseok Special “Radio Star Super Show”, Kyuhyun expressed, “Actually the reason I joined the company is to become a ballad singer”, “But it turned out to be better when I joined Super Junior”.
Super Junior members responded “The first 2 weeks before Kyuhyun joined SJ; (we) have already heard that a new member will be joining (us), but because we couldn’t understand (it) so it became insecure.”
Some of the Super Junior members expressed “(We) can even bully newcomers”, when asked which of the members bullied the newcomers most, they simply replied “That, he went to the army already.” When Kyuhyun was feeling distressed (after hearing the answer), members continued “(We) should mention the name of the member even if there are no unfavourable questions.” Thus they went again “The one from China, the one from China”, attracting laughter.

Source: newsen.com
Korean to chinese translation: sapphire洁 @ Hyunlove.com
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