[News]Runaway explodes onto the scene with a 20% premiere

I’d expected high numbers for Runaway Plan B, but even so I’m surprised: 20.7% is an excellent start — hitting that number midway through would be a hit, but to get it in Episode 1 is rare. It speaks to the star power of Rain and answers the question of whether he’d be able to overcome the undercurrent of anti-fan sentiment that seems to dog him lately.

(Of course, now the question is whether the drama will be able to maintain its strong kick-off. In any case, it is positioned nicely.)

In its finale week, competitor drama My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho had a solid showing with a 16.6%, which is a little bit of a drop from last week’s 19.2%. But last week was an unusual case, with it being Chuseok week and only having one scripted drama competing for viewership (MBC’s Playful Kiss).

Speaking of which, Playful Kiss dropped back down from its temporary blip up last week, settling at 4.5%.

Now, I’ve gotta actually SEE Runaway to see if the drama merits its high numbers. It looks like it’s got the potential to be a lot of fun.

Source: Dramabeans