[News]Kim Hyun Joong Naughty kiss!

[Asia Today = Woo Nam Hee reporter]

MBC New drama, Naughty Kiss, is finally stripped off the veil.

In this drama, it starts by charming Seung Jo (Kim hyun joong ) meeting this girl (Jeongsomin)  on the first morning in the jumble ,

This drama was filled with fairy tales with emotions filled with fantastic atmosphere, such as the the sunlight pouring through the leaves in the forest and a white horse appeared in the forest and it came to your side, with a sweet kiss. All that you can imagine in your dreams.

In this drama, expect drama, musical, ballet, which was edited from "Swan Lake".

Be sure to tune in to the first episode of the show which will give you a nice feeling!

Source: Nate News

Credits : Michelle@dkpopnews.net