[NEWS]Controversy about 2NE1’s comeback stage arises

Controversy is arising over 2NE1’s first comeback on SBS ‘Inkigayo’ with their 3 title songs.

A YG Entertainment representative told Newsen, “We are decorating the stage for the three songs, Go Away, Can’t Nobody and Clap Your Hands.”, “We are recording all 3 songs ahead of time.”

Usually, artists prepare two songs for their comeback stages. In the case where they use side songs on the album which are not title songs, those songs are usually cut shorter and edited. However 2NE1 will be performing all 3 songs in full.

An ‘Inkigayo’ representative staed, “Before the songs were released, one of the title songs have already been completely pre-recorded.”, “The remaining two songs will be prerecorded on the day of (the 12th).”, “Compared to usual, their performance will be 3~4 minutes longer but they will not be taking away from other artists.”

YG Entertainment currently has two artists doing activities - Se7en and Big Bang’s Taeyang. Taeyang will be appearing on ‘Inkigayo’ on the 12th, however Se7en will not be participating due to his schedule and due to the fact it will be 2NE1’s comeback stage. ‘Inkigayo’ representatives revealed, “In order to give support to 2NE1’s comeback, Se7en will not be making a performance.”

Although the broadcasting company and the entertainment company have discussed it, opinions on 2NE1’s unique comeback performance have not been pretty. One representative in the industry stated, “This means that 2NE1 will be performing for over 10 minutes. In 10 minutes, 4 rookie singers could do performances.”. When looking at the reality that editting will not be done for their performances, several people are responding by saying this is the first of its kind. Because of this, people have even accused strongly, “Is this a 2NE1 special episode?”

The 2NE1 comeback performance will be revealed on the 12th. As much as the process is filled with autotune, there is anticipation for its result to be authentic.

Translations by GEE and orangie @YGLADIES.COM