[News]BEAST's Yang Yoseob is diagnosed with more illnesses? Everyone is surprised

The lead vocal of BEAST, Yang Yoseob, had been diagnosed with laryngitis, vocal nodules, and reflux esophagitis.

In the recent episode of MBC every1 ‘Idol Maid’, Yang Yoseob and the members had visited the clinic for their skin and throat examinations due to the recommendations maid Shin Bongsun gave.

Before the examination of the throat, Yang Yoseob stated, “I’m worried about the results because my voice doesn’t come out well in the recording for the new album.” He and everyone else were surprised when the results showed that he was diagnosed with laryngitis, vocal nodules, and reflux esophagitis.

Yang Yoseob’s nose was swelled up compared to others and it was going to develop into a worse condition then it was when he was in the dry weather. The doctor stated, “You are really lucky to have this discovered in the earlier stages. It would be fine if we cure it little by little watching your condition as well.”

Cube Entertainment stated that the 3rd album comeback was halted right after the recording of ‘Idol Maid’ and Yang Yoseob had gone through surgery. Currently Yang Yoseob finished his surgery and is recovering very fast.

Will be broadcasted on the 8th at 6PM KST.