[News] With Yang Yoseob recovered, BEAST is getting ready for comeback

[Sports Today Park Gunwook Reporter] The group BEAST that had been pushing back the comeback this year due to the surgery that the lead vocal, Yang Yoseob, had gone through, has concluded that they will be coming to the fans with early October being their latest date.

A BEAST acquaintance who met up with Sports Today stated, “BEAST is planning to make their comeback later this month being the earliest and early October being the latest.”

In addition he stated, “We are on our last stage in making the album and we are currently choosing the title song. In this mini album there are ballad songs, dance songs, and other songs in different genres so that everyone would be able to feel the charms of the BEAST members,” causing anticipation.

Yang Yoseob, who had recently gone through the surgery for his conditions, has been recovered and he had stated that Yang Yoseob is preparing for the comeback with his fullest extent.

Meanwhile, BEAST, who had debuted last year, rose up to the Korean male idol group position through the songs ‘Mystery’ and ‘Shock’.

Attentions are turned towards them as others wonder what kind of new air they will bring in this current state with girl groups dominating.