[News] U-Know Yunho Debuts Successfully as a Musical Actor

Yunho made his debut as a musical actor through his role in 'Goong' on September 8th at Theater Yong. This marks the beginning of a new phenomenon.

The first scene of the musical established a serious atmosphere and this was followed by a dance in the scene which followed, leaving the whole of the audience intrigued, unable to tear their eyes away. Throughout the performance, the use of LEDs provided a feeling of elegance, allowing the crowd to gain a better understanding of the plot. Enthusiastic responses were received from not only Korean fans but also overseas audiences.

On the day, the director said that Yunho's sincere acting and graceful dancing was the reason of their success: 'Over the past four months, Yunho has completely let go of his image as an idol. As an actor in 'Goong', he has worked ceaselessly to perfect his portrayal of Lee Shin. Despite being a newcomer and performing for the very first time, the choreographers expressed that Yunho did not seem like an amateur at all, on the contrary, his charismatic presence allowed him to really make the stage his own. I hope that he'll have gained some valuable experience and growth through 'Goong'.'

With idols such as U-Know Yunho as part of its cast, the musical 'Goong' has generated a great degree of interest from the media.

Credits: xiahbar
Trans by; dorfehh@DBSKnights
by: DBSKnights